Hot Air System

OLH hot air systems are useful for aggregate heating.

Winter construction must be supplied with the warm concrete, also the concrete plant must be working safely during the winter. Very high demand of the concrete with up to 20°C can only be achieved  by aggregate heating. For these requirements, our hot air system OLH is the ideal solution. Whether the heat of aggregates or the minimum heat of rooms, our Air heaters offers you the opportunity to meet your requirements.

OLH hot air system  with oil, gas or combination burners

  • OLH 120 to 140 KW
  • OLH 180 to 210 KW
  • OLH 200 to 280 KW
  • OLH 300 to 380 KW

EWS Air heaters, with electric power

  • EWS 100 KW
  • EWS 160 KW

All systems are available in mobile containers or can be installed in a room.