Booster – Combined System

Latest heating solution with clean emission-free technology for your concrete plant and concrete production

To overcome the requirement of modern heating concepts in the concrete industry for clean, emissions-free burner for the hot air and  hot water production at the same time, four years ago we have put our product Booster in the market. The result can be assessed by the positive response and more than 50 boosters in operations, we have achieved our goal. The heating of the aggregates is possible with hot air up to 360°C and at the same time  the water is heated for concrete production. The modern control system which is installed in the control room is designed as per our customers’ demand. Risk-free heating with exhaust-free air is the main base for the Booster. Minimal energy consumption by condensing technology with chimney for the exhaust emissions reduces consumption to a minimum. All heaters are available in the mobile container or can be installed in a room. Turnkey system that covers all needs of a concrete plant.

BOOSTER is available in the following variants.

  • Booster 700
  • Booster 1000
  • Booster 1500